5А101029 – Aircraft Exploitation (airplanes), Pilot - Engineer

Military pilot - an important and responsible profession. Importance depend by the problems solved by aviation in modern conflicts, and the responsibility - to increased requirements of  airmanship. Aircraft is the collective weapon, but only the pilot play main role in the evaluation and accounting of aircraft’s flight tactical characteristics due to make a decision according interests of the maximum and safe use of aircraft combat potential in various conditions. Modern aviation complex of tactical aviation required from pilot deep knowledge, abilities and  finely honed skills in the technique of piloting, aircraft navigation and combat use of aircraft weapons.


5А101030 –Aircraft Exploitation (helicopters), Pilot - Engineer

Modern aircraft systems of army aviation require from pilot deep knowledge, abilities and spent finely honed skills in piloting technique and skillful use of aircraft weapons. Army aviation pilot - the organizer of crew flight work,  required to know the basics of pedagogy and psychology.


5А101031 –  Aircraft Exploitation ( transport airplanes), Pilot - Engineer

The pilot of  Military Transport Aviation who get knowledge and skills in the institute must know, how to provide: a safe solution to a wide range of tasks - aerial reconnaissance, landing, transportation of troops and military equipment.


5А101032 – Aircraft Navigation, Navigator - Engineer

During the flight, navigating officer performs navigational measurements and calculations on which he sets to the pilot course, speed, altitude flight, to hold the plane for a given route at a given time with maximum accuracy and bring it to the aim.


5А101033 – Aviation Flight Managing, Air Traffic Engineer

In the process of providing flight, performs various methods of construction and the dissolution of combat orders, maintaining them in a given location of each aircraft, providing maneuvers and methods approach procedures and organization of control aviation units in the execution of combat missions.


5А101034 – Aircraft and  Engines Maintenance, Engineer - Mechanic

Provides technical maintenance of aircraft and aircraft engines, their functional systems and equipment, operation and use in aviation technics of ground support and technical control.


5А101035 – Integrated Aircraft Systems, Engineer - Electromechanic

Provides technical maintenance of aircraft armament, which consists of air attack, targeting systems, installation of arms and ground facilities of  technical exploitation aircraft armament.


5А101036 – Aviation Equipment Maintenance, Engineer - Electrician

Performs maintenance and repair of aircraft equipment, aircraft: electrical equipment, electrical systems and control devices of power plants, navigation equipment, high-altitude special equipment, on-board automated systems for monitoring aviation technology status.


5А101037 – Aviation Radioelectronic Equipment Maintenance, Radio-Engineer

Provides maintenance and repair of electronic equipment of aircraft and terrestrial radio hardware

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